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Danger on Duty - University radio system endangers officers

In the video posted on WorldStarHipHop.com, you can hear people laughing and joking as two Temple University police officers are struggling to arrest a suspect at the corner of 16th Street and Montgomery Avenue.




Sources say almost immediately one of the officers pushed the emergency button on his radio to signal the officer was in distress and in need of backup. It's also supposed to activate a new GPS system which is supposed to provide their exact location so responding officers know where to go.

But, sources say backup was delayed by 3.5 to 4 minutes because the signal didn't go through.

Although the incident was already in progress when the cell phone video was taken, 22 seconds into the video, one of the officers reaches for his radio on his collar. At 28 seconds, he reaches for it again.

During the altercation, one officer was punched and slammed into a parked car.

One of the offenders' friends attempted to take the second officer's gun.

With the crowd growing and closing in, at 44 seconds, one of the officers, apparently in fear for his life, pulls his service weapon and points it at the crowd to scare them off.

Full story from Philadelphia 6abc.com