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More on the new Heathkit

KB6NU has a blog entry about an FAQ page on the new Heathkit website. If everything works out they way they're planning, the ham radio community should be very happy. Here's an excerpt:

Q. So who are you guys?

A. More on this later. Notwithstanding this FAQ, we're presently in stealth. But here's what we want you to know right now: We have enormous respect for the Heathkit® name, and we know you do too. We consider ourselves this decade's caretakers of the most respected name in do-it-yourself and educational electronics and related products over the past century. It's a terrific opportunity and a historical responsibility we take seriously, and we want to preserve and grow this opportunity, together with you. We know we need to earn and keep your trust every day. Meanwhile, to whet your appetite: Our new CEO/President, and every member of Heath Company's Board of Directors, are avid kit-builders and DIYers. We own and use Heathkit® products ourselves. For those with this interest, it happens we all are licensed amateur radio operators. (Also happy with our team will be: car buffs, pilots, musicians & artists, sports/outdoors enthusiasts, parents, educators, and people who value community service.) Our management team have substantial experience as high-tech executives, in startups and public companies, and in technology and finance. We are carefully growing a team of highly experienced industry advisors. Most importantly, we want you to help and advise us too. Ultimately, it is you, with your excitement and enthusiasm and interest in doing great things with great products, who will make Heathkit a success.

Q. Why have you been in stealth?

A. Efficiency. Here are two business choices. Choice (a) is, early on we spend lots of money, time and energy on press releases and marketing and public interaction. Choice (b) is, we quietly assemble a talented team, learn what our customer community wants, and put all our energy into creating great products for them. Which sounds better?